Please refer to the list of instructions below in case you have any issues while using the NTP Training Portal:

  • The portal is supported by all the latest browsers that include:
    • Windows:Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge
    • Mac: Chrome and Safari

    The best-recommended browser is Chrome.

  • The portal also works fine on all smart devices that include iPads, Tablets, iPhone, and Android phones.
  • The medium of training portal is the English Language, and all the learning material is in English only.
  • To use the portal, you will have to create an account using the "New User? Register for a TB Course" button. The registration process is simple, and you need to have an email address to register.
  • As soon as the registration form is submitted, you will get a thank you email. You can now login to the portal using the "Already Registered Users? Login" button.
  • After login, you will land on the "Introduction" followed by a "Pre-Evaluation" test.
  • After pre-evaluation, you can now start the learning process. The first module will be activated for you. You can study the learning material and then download the available pdf for your later reference. Each module comprises four sections:

Narrative --- Interactive --- Exercises --- Post Evaluation

  • After completing each module, you will get an email with the link to the next module. Please note that you need to score 70% marks in the "Post Evaluation" section to proceed to the next module. You will be given two chances to attempt the post-test. In case you fail in the second attempt, you'll get access to the next module; however, it is recommended that you go through the narrative section again.
  • It is NOT mandatory to complete the entire module at one time. You can logout and then re-login anytime to continue your learning.
  • The learning portal is also supported by voice over so that you can listen to the audio.
  • Within the learning material, there are some abbreviations used. These abbreviations are in green color. You can click on the abbreviation to view the complete form.
  • In case you have any queries, feel free to call our helpline at 0800-88800. You can also write us an email at
  • NTP recommends to take one module per day so that you complete the course in 8 days.